Thursday, April 28, 2005


Married Sex Diary

There are so many blogs about people's sex lives that your first impression is probably "why in the world would anyone want to read another sex blog, especially one written by a married guy in his early thirties, with two kids and a successful career, married to the same woman for 5 years....."
We very recently had our second kid, and I believe my sex life to that date was pretty much like your average married couple. Great sex early on in the marriage, then slowly decaying to end up with the small flamed encounters every now and then, make-up sex and sometimes even a quicky. Nothing smashing, nothing extravagant.
Sure, we had our share of naughtiness, we own a couple sex toys, but that's that.
Until now. With my second kid out of his water bag I plan on engaging on a sexual journey with my wife. I have numerous fantasies and desires, and I'm sure she does too, but hasn't brought herself to tell them. It is my mission, my undertaking to explore the sexual world with my beautiful wife.
So why the blog? Here I will document, even if it's only for me, my travesy. I hope someday someone will read it. If no one does, I have lost nothing. If someone does, maybe I can share my thoughts with someone.
Wish me luck, the journey begins today.

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